Sub Studies

The PPMI study was designed with the flexibility to incorporate new biomarker assessments throughout the life of the project.

Sub studies include additional study assessments that involve all or a subset of PPMI participants. All data and samples collected from these studies will be included in the study biorepository available through this site.

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Sub study submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis by the PPMI Sub Study Committee, chaired by Kalpana Merchant, Ph.D., and Kathleen Poston, M.D.

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Ongoing Sub Studies

Digital sensor-based assessment of Mobility and Gait in Prodromal and de novo PD

In this sub study within PPMI, digital sensors will be used to obtain mobility data to detect early motor changes. The overall objectives are to determine whether the digital sensors can identify prodromal subjects with the highest risk of developing PD and monitor early-stage disease progression. This work builds on the gait sub-study conducted on the PPMI genetic cohort. In the current project, we will extend the gait assessment to the wider prodromal cohort as well as recently diagnosed patients with PD. Two types of digital systems will be used; one for continuous, at-home monitoring for real-world assessment and one for in-clinic assessment. Participants referred to DaT SPECT after completing the online PPMI screening, will be given a small, sensor to be attached to their back for continuous monitoring of movement for 7 days. This assessment will be complemented by a clinic-based assessment of mobility during baseline and at annual visits. This sub-study will take place initially at 10 PPMI sites (estimated ~300 participants) and will be incorporated into the battery of regular assessments.