Path to Prevention Platform Trial

PPMI is primed to advance innovative trial design for Parkinson’s prevention.
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Given advances in PD science, an increasingly robust pipeline of promising therapeutics, and an expanded infrastructure within PPMI, the field has an unprecedented opportunity to pioneer interventional trials in prodromal Parkinson’s.

We believe convening leading experts and sharing knowledge and risk is the best way to test innovative therapies that address key unmet needs in the Parkinson’s community. That’s why we are building novel collaborations to launch the first platform trial for prodromal PD.

PPMI and study sponsor The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) are starting discussions with potential partners on opportunities and requirements for this novel study. Complete the letter of intent (LOI) form below or email to join our conversation.


The Path to Prevention (P2P) platform trial is designed to catalyze clinical development for prodromal PD. P2P capitalizes on PPMI study infrastructure, expertise, and ongoing clinical and biomarker data collection to de-risk industry investments in pioneering therapies for individuals at risk of PD diagnosis.

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Complete Intervention Letter of Intent

The Path to Prevention (P2P) Platform Trial is seeking initial interest in partnering. Selected companies will work collaboratively with P2P and MJFF toward formal partnership around the platform trial.

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Submit Intervention Letter of Intent

Confidential LOI should be sent to While P2P will receive completed forms on a rolling basis, applications must be received by May 31, 2022 to be considered for platform trial launch.

Therapy Evaluation Committee (TEC)

The TEC includes experts in PD science, therapeutic development and lived PD experience. Key evaluation criteria include target relevance, pre-clinical and biomarker data, and clinical trial readiness of the asset.