Submit a Sub Study

Investigators interested in proposing sub/sub-studies for PPMI are invited to do so by completing the form below. The sub study proposals may include additional study assessments (e.g., clinical, digital, imaging, etc.) on all or a sub-set of PPMI participants or collection of specific biospecimens for biomarker studies.

Submitting a Sub Study

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Proposals will be reviewed by the PPMI sub study committee within 2 months. Investigators may be contacted by a member of the PPMI sub study committee requesting further clarification, information or additional proposal materials. Because of the volume, the PPMI sub study committee will not be able to respond with individual written or verbal feedback to each submission.

All ideas submitted will be considered based on the merits of the proposal, the additional subject and clinical site burden resulting from the proposal and the resources available for amending the PPMI protocol to incorporate the proposed sub study.

Funding is not required prior to proposal submission; however, investigators should include the plan to obtain funding should the proposal be accepted. In some circumstances, the PPMI sub study committee may recommend internal PPMI funding to support all or part of the proposal. Alternatively, funding may be requested by the applicant from the MJ Fox Foundation’s research programs or an alternative funding source.

Note that, in line with PPMI policies, all data generated from the sub study at the discretion of PPMI leadership may be required to be deposited in LONI along with a document detailing the experimental methods. Once the data are reviewed for QC, the applicant will receive complete unblinded data for further analyses. The open source policy of PPMI requires that processed data be submitted back into LONI for access by other researchers after a moratorium of 6 months. Thank you in advance for your ideas and valuable input into PPMI.

Submitting an Sub Study

To begin the first stage of Sub Studies submission process, complete the form below and upload a Proposed Sub Study file.

In one file, please briefly describe the proposed sub study (2 pages maximum not including reference or manuscript attachments)

  • Specific Goals
  • Background and Rationale
  • Significance
  • Preliminary data supporting the proposal
  • Research plan – including proposed additions or modification in PPMI study protocol, estimated sample size and any special characteristics of the participants, etc.
  • Potential additional burden for PPMI sites or participants
  • Potential additional burden for PPMI Cores or Governance
  • Data sharing and analyses plan – Include details on the type of raw data generated and submitted to LONI and/or another data sharing venue for initial QC review. Also include how the unblinded data will be processed/derived for intended analyses and submitted back into LONI. If there are any special requirements for data sharing (e.g., if the size of data would require special data transfer devices, etc.), please clearly articulate the process and associated resources.
  • Resources available and/or required to complete the proposal
  • Potential or available source of funding
  • References (not included in the two-page limit)
  • Note: up to 3 published or submitted papers may also be attached to the proposal (not included in the two-page limit)
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