Download Data

Through this Web site, qualified researchers may obtain access to all clinical, imaging and biomarker data collected in PPMI. This includes raw and processed MRI and SPECT images. All data are de-identified to protect patient privacy.

New Users Apply Now:
Investigators seeking access to PPMI data must submit an online application, which requires signing the Data Use Agreement and compliance with the study Publications Policy. Applications for data access are reviewed by the Data and Publications Committee within one week of receipt.
Registered Users:
Investigators who have been granted access to PPMI data can click the button below to access the login page.

Ongoing Data Analyses and Other Resources

Investigators using PPMI data will be asked to provide annual updates on the analyses they have performed. This information will be displayed publicly on the PPMI Web site on an Ongoing Analyses page. Investigators will also be asked to provide new data generated using PPMI data back to the Data and Publications Committee so that it can be integrated into the database for use by future investigators.

To better understand the PPMI database, investigators should refer to the Data & Specimens FAQ. Data users are also encouraged to visit the Statistician Forum for helpful hints and advice on how to use the downloaded data.

Researchers interested in reviewing the standards and protocols that guide PPMI data collection should refer to the study protocol and manuals posted in the Research Documents and SOPs section of this site.

PPMI clinical data are complemented by a set of biologic samples. Learn more about how to request PPMI specimens here.

Database Disclaimer

Although every attempt has been made to ensure that the contents of the database are correct, data are provided by multiple parties and occasional errors may occur. All reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that errors are corrected promptly and completely; however, no explicit guarantee is provided regarding the accuracy of any data contained within this database.

Investigators who suspect errors in the database should contact us.