Request Specimens

A critical component of PPMI is the standardized, longitudinal collection of biospecimens, which include plasma, serum, blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), DNA and RNA. An inventory of the biospecimens is available through the PPMI database and can reviewed by investigators interested in incorporating PPMI samples in their research. PPMI samples can only be used for biomarker verification studies.  If you are interested in requesting biospecimens for other biomarker research, please view our complementary resources.

The table below is an inventory of the number and type of biospecimen samples collected and currently available for analysis.

Application Process to Request Specimens

Click below to read more about the process for accessing banked specimens and to begin the request process.Researchers requesting specimens must agree to the Biospecimen Use Agreement and the Publications Policy.

Before starting the specimen request process, click here to download a template for the Letter of Intent.

Research Funding for Specimen Studies

Researchers requesting biospecimens may also apply for funding from The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF). The review processes for PPMI biospecimen access and MJFF funding of research are separate processes; approval for use of PPMI biospecimens does not guarantee MJFF funding. MJFF has identified Biomarkers as a priority funding area and will consider proposals from researchers who have been granted PPMI samples. Investigators interested in requesting funding from MJFF should indicate that in their Letter of Intent.

Ongoing Specimen Analyses and Other Resources

A listing of preliminary analyses specified by the Steering Committee and performed by PPMI cores, as well as analyses performed by additional investigators are listed in the ongoing analyses section of this site. Investigators who are granted samples from PPMI agree to update this information annually, providing the research public with a comprehensive list of the latest findings coming out of PPMI.

Researchers who are interested in reviewing the PPMI collection, processing and storage protocols for biospecimens should review the Biologics Manual, found with the Research Documents and SOPs.

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