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Thursday 9/30 8pm EST: “Sanjay Gupta MD Reports: A Conversation with Michael J. Fox” airs on CNN

Watch CNN tonight (Thursday, September 30th) at 8pm EST in a special on MJFF and the future of PD research with Sanjay Gupta in an exclusive interview with Michael J. Fox. It is anticipated that the PPMI study will also be mentioned in the segment. This post includes a teaser for the segment and a blog posting on his interview with Mr. Fox from Dr. Gupta.

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Michael J. Fox: PPMI is “a step forward” given the progress being made in Alzheimer’s (Special to CNN)

Michael J. Fox speaks out about recent progress made and new setbacks for PD research. PPMI is touted as "one step forward," especially given the accelerated pace and promising results coming out of ADNI. Michael J. Fox also addresses the challenge for the field as federal funding for embryonic stem cell research is cut.

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PPMI March 2010 Investigators Meeting synopsis

An overview of the PPMI investigators meeting

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