Submit an Ancillary Study

The PPMI study was designed with the flexibility to incorporate new biomarker assessments throughout the life of the project. Ancillary studies include additional study assessments that involve all or a subset of PPMI participants.

Investigators can propose ancillary studies by completing the form below. Ancillary studies will be judged on their originality and will be balanced with the already substantial subject and investigator burden in PPMI. It is expected that because of the complex nature of PPMI and the existing responsibilities of site and subjects in this study, that the number of ancillary studies accepted will be limited in number and scope.

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed based on the following criteria: The scientific merit of the proposal; Value added to PPMI; Additional burden to the subject, clinical site and central administration of PPMI; and, feasibility within the PPMI timeline.

Submitting an Ancillary Study

Proposals are reviewed by the PPMI Ancillary Studies committee on a rolling basis and will go through two stages. In the first stage, applicants submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), which should include a brief description, specific goals, background and rationale, preliminary data to support the proposal, proposed additional or modified assessments, estimated sample size (including special characteristics of the population), additional resources available and/or required to complete the proposal and any potential or available source of funding for the proposal. The LOI should not exceed 2 pages. Applicants will be notified via email within four weeks of submitting the LOI as to whether they are invited to submit a Full Proposal. A written critique will not be provided.

Applicants who are invited to submit a full proposal may receive feedback on specific concerns or guidance on key considerations identified during review of the LOI. Full Proposals will be reviewed by the PPMI Ancillary Study committee with final approval from the PPMI Steering Committee within 8 weeks of submission date.

All proposals at all stages are treated as confidential.

Funding for Ancillary Studies

The PPMI study cannot provide funding for ancillary studies. Investigators are expected to identify funding for the proposed study.

Ancillary Studies Proposal Form

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