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2015 PPMI Annual Meeting - Day 1

PPMI Steering Committee & Cores
PPMI Annual Meeting
Download Presentation: AIM-2015.Day-1.pdf
PPMI site investigators, study staff, industry partner representatives, core teams, and the Steering Committee gathered on May 13 & 14, 2015. Key PPMI topics were discussed including:

PPMI Update

PPMI Status Update: Site Enrollments and Retention

PPMI Data Overview

Can We Reliably Establish Parkinson Disease Subtypes in De Novo Patients?: Results from the PPMI Study

PPMI Cognitive-Behavioral Working Group

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Early PD: A Case Control Study

Update from the PPMI Imaging Core

Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Image Processing & Analysis

PPMI Resting State and T1-Standardization Projects

PPMI Biorepository Core

Biospecimen Data

Genetics in PPMI

Longitudinal LP Safety and Compliance in PPMI

PPMI Pathology Core

PPMI Data Access

FOUND & Fox Insight in PPMI

Biospecimen Review Committee Update

PPMI Publications

PPMI Standardization Initiative

Informatics Core Update

Genetic Recruitment

Phenoconversion for PPMI Prodromal and Genetic Cohorts

Objective Measures of PD: Smartphones

Motor Symptoms in Prodromal Parkinson?s Disease

Data Analysis

Why Use a RBD Cohort in Clinical Trials for PD

The Prospect of Using Genetic Synucleinopathy Cohorts in Clinical Trials

LRRK2 Trials: Who/When, and What

PPMI Retention Update & Site Awards

PPMI Post-Five Year Plans: Amendment 10

PPMI Future Plans