Study Update Calls

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PPMI conducts update calls regularly, but this page may not always show the next scheduled call: please contact PPMI by using the form on our Contact Page with any questions about our schedule of activities, including the upcoming Study Update Calls.

Listen to past study updates

Title Presenter Date Time Controls
FOUND in PPMI Carlie Tanner 12/05/19 32:36
RNA Sequencing in PPMI Kendall Van Keuren-Jensen and Bradford Casey 09/11/19 38:00
5 Years into PPMI ? What We Have Learned Andrew Siderowf 06/20/19 60:15
The Importance of Lumbar Punctures in PPMI Lana Chahine 04/03/19 49:42
MRI Imaging in PPMI Kathleen Poston, MD, MS 12/5/18 27:27
Non-Motor Symptoms in PD Tanya Simuni, MD 9/6/18 44:09
Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis Brit Mollenhauer, MD and Doug Galasko, MD 6/14/18 37:39
PPMI Study Update Andrew Siderowf, MD, MSCE 3/15/18 41:34
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and PD Lana Chahine, MD 12/7/17 27:30
Genetic Findings from PPMI Andrew Singleton, PhD 9/13/17 49:20
Impact of PD on Cognition Daniel Weintraub, MD 6/28/2017 32:00
How PPMI Data is Informing Clinical Trials Ken Marek, MD 3/07/2017 24:10
Sub-types of PD Tanya Simuni, MD 12/07/2016 45:28
Longitudinal Imaging Data John Seibyl, MD 09/12/2016 53:56
Blood based biomarkers Alice Chen-Plotkin, MD 6/16/2016 41:53
Study Update & the Future of PPMI Mark Fraiser, PhD 3/11/2016 46:47
Genetics in PPMI Danna Jennings, MD and Tatiana Foroud, PhD 12/09/2015 55:08
Biospecimen Analysis Brit Mollenhauer, MD 6/10/15 29:35
Study Update & the Future of PPMI Ken Marek, MD 3/12/15 37:53
The PPMI Genetics Data: Unlocking the Code within Us Andrew Singleton, PhD 12/9/14 56:48
The PPMI Imaging Data: Developing a Better Picture of PD John Seibyl, MD 9/17/14 46:54
Cerebrospinal Fluid Research Using PPMI Data and Specimens John Trojanowski, MD, PhD and Les Shaw, PhD 5/15/14 40:24
Cognition Research Using PPMI Data Daniel Weintraub, PhD 1/21/14 43:39
General Update on New Efforts in PPMI Ken Marek, MD 9/4/13 43:35