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57Co striatal phantom. This striatal phantom is provided to each imaging center and acquired each day a subject is scanned using the identical dual-energy window acquisition protocol as the subject’s scans. Data from these phantom scans are used to monitor camera performance and potentially correct for camera-related changes in the patients’ imaging data.

PPMI urges the scientific community to take advantage of the PPMI data and biological samples to advance and accelerate biomarker verification research. The core purpose of this website is to make the longitudinal dataset of correlated clinical and imaging data and biospecimens available for study. All academic and industry researchers are invited to Access Data & Specimens that result from PPMI.

As researchers begin using the PPMI data and specimens, information about the studies being conducted will be provided to the research community in an Ongoing Analyses section. To stay informed about studies being conducted using this resource and other PPMI news get email updates.