Conflict of Interest Statement

Principal investigators and their paid collaborators submitting applications for access to PPMI biospecimens may be excluded from serving on the BRC and/or MJFF Grant Review Committee (GRC) that reviews their proposal. However, non-applicants who are invited to serve on the BRC/GRC may still have a conflict of interest that arises during the grant review process. A BRC/GRC member is judged to have a conflict of interest if:

(1) He or she is a collaborator, sub-contractor, and/or consultant with an investigator that has a grant application before the BRC/GRC,
(2) The application is from the reviewer’s own institution regardless of whether or not reviewer has had any involvement in preparing the application.
(3) The member, his/her immediate family, or close professional associate(s) has a financial or vested interest in the outcome of the proposed research (even if no significant involvement is apparent in the proposal being considered)
(4) The BRC/GRC member has been involved in discussions regarding the application, is a provider of services, cell lines, reagents, or other materials, or writer of a letter of reference for the applicant. BRC and GRC members may also identify additional conflicts outside of those listed above.

When a conflict of interest is deemed to be present, the BRC/GRC member will be ineligible to review the proposal and will be asked to leave the room when the proposal is discussed during the review process, including when it is scored. Nor will the results of the review be made known to the conflicted reviewer until after the entire review process is complete. BRC and GRC members are also urged to avoid any actions that might give the appearance that a conflict of interest exists, even though he or she believes there may not be an actual conflict of interest.