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Roche focused on developing medicines and diagnostics that will help patients live longer, better lives.

The Roche CNS group has a long-term commitment to the development of disease modifying therapies for neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson?s disease, and is currently pursuing several alternatives, ranging from biologics targeting key molecules in the pathophysiology of these diseases to small molecules design to improve the intracellular clearance of misfolded proteins. For these efforts in therapy development to be successful, it is crucial to develop biomarkers that both predict progression of the disease as well as response to therapy.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we decided to join efforts with the Michael J Fox Foundation and other industry partners in actively sponsoring the PPMI study, which we all hope will make available an important dataset to help address these issues, and therefore contribute to help make available truly innovative therapies for Parkinson disease patients.

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