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Kalpana Merchant, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Neurology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA

TransThera Consulting Co., Portland, OR, USA

Dr. Kalpana Merchant received her PhD in neuropharmacology in 1989 from University of Utah. Following her postdoctoral research and faculty appointment as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at University of Washington, she transitioned to pharmaceutical research in 1993. She has >20 years of experience in drug discovery & development with a focus on translational research in large (Pharmacia/Pfizer Corp. and Eli Lilly & Co.) and small start-up pharmaceutical companies, where she has served in executive roles. Kalpana contributes to academic research, training and mentoring at Northwestern University. She serves on advisory panels at NIH, is a Senior Advisor to the Michael J Fox Foundation and consults for start-up biopharma companies and equity investors. Kalpana was appointed to the Oregon Innovation Council, a public-private partnership sponsored by the governor and legislature, to help spur innovation-based business opportunities.

In the non-scientific domain, Kalpana is an avid hiker and outdoors enthusiast who enjoys going on active vacations with her family. She is also a student of and enjoys classical Indian music and jazz and is a budding oenophile with an ambition to become a sommelier.