PPMI Study Enters a New Phase

by Krishna Knabe
The Michael J. Fox Foundation

The Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) has reached an important milestone: the study completed enrollment. We have now met the ambitious goal we set back in 2010 of enrolling 1,400 participants, including 600 with rare genetic mutations.

PPMI is The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s landmark observational clinical study, designed to find Parkinson’s biomarkers and accelerate the development of new therapeutics for the disease. The study is collecting one of the most robust sets of Parkinson’s data in the world. It is supported by 25 industry partners. The most recent, Voyager Therapeutics, joined this month. These partners provide expertise and feedback to ensure that the markers selected through PPMI are useful for clinical trials of potential Parkinson’s therapies.

While recruitment has ended, PPMI is far from over. The study makes all its data and biospecimens available to qualified researchers worldwide pursuing their own Parkinson’s investigations. As PPMI continues to follow participants for years to come, the dataset will grow, and both the Foundation and independent researchers will continue to gain insights from this groundbreaking study.