Dr. Martin Rabey to use PPMI biospecimens for validation of a blood based gene expression assay

A critical component of PPMI is the standardized, longitudinal collection of biospecimens. Each month the Biospecimen Review Committee examines requests for biospecimens collected through the PPMI study. We are excited to announce approval for Dr. Martin Rabey, the Chief Medical Officer of BioShai Ltd, for a project entitled: Validation of a blood based gene expression assay for monitoring disease severity and aid in the early diagnosis of Parkinson?s disease.

Dr. Rabey aims to build upon his pioneering study which showed that the quantitative expression of a set of genes was altered in brains of PD patients compared to healthy controls. Investigation of the most altered genes showed that their quantitative expression in blood was also dissimilar in PD patients compared to healthy controls, which led to the development of the PDx? blood test.The PDx test results are different in early stages of disease compared to advanced stages. His aim is to validate the association between the PDx test values and disease severity and to further validate the ability of the PDx assay to diagnose PD patient.

Successful validation of the association of the PDx blood test results with disease severity and validation of its ability to diagnose PD will provide physicians with a new tool for the early diagnosis of the PD and monitoring PD progression. More accurate early diagnosis will enable early treatment with potential neuroprotective therapies.

Ultimately Dr. Rabey hopes that the PDx blood test can undergo commercial development and make it to the hands of healthcare providers. Further development would include testing the PDx assay?s utility for monitoring drug response for personalized medicine and screening populations who are at risk for PD.