PPMI Annual Meeting 2015 Summary

Nearly 150 PPMI investigators, coordinators, study cores, patient advisory and steering committee members, sponsors, and industry partners from around the world met in New York City May 13-14, 2015 to share PPMI study and scientific updates and to discuss the future of the initiative.  A large range of topics were covered including phenoconversion to Parkinson’s, genetics, imaging, and objective measures of PD.  This annual meeting remains a critical component to the study, providing a space for collaboration, innovation, brainstorming, and planning. Click the following links to view the meeting presentations:

PPMI Update

PPMI Status Update: Site Enrollments and Retention

PPMI Data Overview

Can We Reliably Establish Parkinson Disease Subtypes in De Novo Patients?: Results from the PPMI Study

PPMI Cognitive-Behavioral Working Group

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Early PD: A Case Control Study

Update from the PPMI Imaging Core

Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Image Processing & Analysis

PPMI Resting State and T1-Standardization Projects

PPMI Biorepository Core

Biospecimen Data

Genetics in PPMI

Longitudinal LP Safety and Compliance in PPMI

PPMI Pathology Core

PPMI Data Access

FOUND & Fox Insight in PPMI

Biospecimen Review Committee Update

PPMI Publications

PPMI Standardization Initiative

Informatics Core Update

Genetic Recruitment

Phenoconversion for PPMI Prodromal and Genetic Cohorts

Objective Measures of PD: Smartphones

Motor Symptoms in Prodromal Parkinson’s Disease

Data Analysis

Why Use a RBD Cohort in Clinical Trials for PD

The Prospect of Using Genetic Synucleinopathy Cohorts in Clinical Trials

LRRK2 Trials: Who/When, and What

PPMI Retention Update & Site Awards

PPMI Post-Five Year Plans: Amendment 10

PPMI Future Plans