SWEDDs and Nonmotor Symptoms Publication

There is still much to be learned about SWEDDs (subjects with scans without evidence of dopaminergic deficit).  They are a group that clinically appear to have Parkinson’s, but who do not show a dopaminergic deficit in their DaTSCAN as one would expect in PD.  In a recent paper in Movement Disorders, researchers sought to better understand SWEDDs compared to people with Parkinson’s and healthy controls (HCs).  Specifically, Sprenger, et al. investigated nonmotor symptoms in these groups using the PPMI baseline data.  They found that SWEDDs had more nonmotor symptoms than HCs.  Additionally, they found that certain nonmotor symptoms, namely ortostatic hypotension and cardiovascular and thermoregulatory dysfunction, were more common in SWEDDs than in PD.  Hyposmia was more frequent in PD than SWEDDs.  These findings take us closer to understanding the differences between SWEDDs and people with Parkinson’s.

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