Genetic and Prodromal Cohort Data Now Live

The PPMI prodromal cohort, genetic cohort, and genetic registry data is now live and available for download in the PPMI database.  Like the data from the original PPMI cohorts, the data for these will continue to grow over time as participants complete more study visits and as additional genetics participants enroll.  Researchers interested in gaining access to the PPMI database may apply at Download Data.

These cohorts expand on and enrich the data being collected in the original cohorts of newly diagnosed, unmedicated people with Parkinson’s and healthy controls.  The prodromal cohort follows people who are at risk for PD, who have a smell deficit (hyposmia) or REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD).  The genetic cohort is made up of people with and without Parkinson’s who have either a LRRK2, GBA, or SNCA genetic mutation.  In both of these cohorts, participants undergo an array of assessments and sample collections that closely resemble those done by the original cohorts.  The genetic registry are participants with and without PD who have a genetic mutation in LRRK2, GBA, or SNCA or a first-degree relative with a LRRK2, GBA, or SNCA mutation.  Registry participants perform a simplified, less frequent schedule of activities to augment and broaden the follow-up of PD subjects and family members with PD-associated mutations.  Further details on the different cohorts can be found in the protocol and schedule of activities on Research Documents and SOPs.

Access this data in the PPMI database here.