Archive | May, 2015

SWEDDs and Nonmotor Symptoms Publication

In a recent paper in Movement Disorders, researchers sought to better understand SWEDDs compared to people with Parkinson's and healthy controls (HCs) by comparing the nonmotor symptoms for each group using the PPMI baseline data. Certain symptoms, like orthostatic hypotension, were found to be more common in SWEDDs than in PD participants.

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Genetic and Prodromal Cohort Data Now Live

The PPMI prodromal cohort, genetic cohort, and genetic registry data is now live and available for download in the PPMI database. Read more about these cohorts and access this data.

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Results Published on Cognitive Performance and Neuropsychatric Symptoms

In a paper published in Movement Disorders, Weintraub, et al. investigate the prevalence of cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS), such as depression, apathy, and anxiety, in early, unmedicated people with Parkinson's compared with healthy controls (HCs) using the PPMI baseline data.

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