Whole Exome Sequencing Data Now Available

The PPMI Genetics Core has just made their whole exome sequencing data live in the PPMI database.  This sequencing, led by Andrew Singleton, PhD, Michael Nalls, PhD, and Dena Hernandez, PhD of the National Institute on Aging (NIH), targeted 201,121 Exons, UTRs, and miRNA in DNA from whole-blood from the original PPMI cohort of over 600 de novo PD, SWEDD, and control subjects.  The sequencing approach covers 95.3% of Refseq exome, generating an enormous and valuable dataset.

Whole exome sequencing has the potential to unveil new information about genetic risk factors for Parkinson?s and the interplay between genetics and PD biomarkers.  To learn more about this research, view the abstract of this analysis.

Visit Download Data to start accessing these annotated sequencing files.