Dr. Ken Marek’s Presentation for Enrolled Participants Posted

Dr. Ken Marek, PPMI’s principal investigator, gave an exclusive presentation and Q&A session to enrolled PPMI participants in March.  He gave an update on the current state of PPMI as well as the future of the study.  He also expressed his gratitude for the participants, saying, “We have made a great deal of progress in the study, largely thanks to the persistence of the sites, of the investigators, and, most importantly, of the participants.”

This presentation was part of the Study Update Call series.  Each quarter, enrolled participants are invited to join a call where they can hear updates on the study, the research and scientific advancements coming out of PPMI, and the processes the investigators use to study the data, imaging, and biospecimens.  It is also an opportunity for participants to directly ask questions to researchers.  You can listen to Dr. Marek’s presentation along with the other past calls on For Enrolled Participants.

The next call will be on June 10 where Dr. Brit Mollenhauer, principal investigator of the PPMI Bioanalytics Core, will discuss biospecimen analysis.  Please contact your local study site coordinator for the call-in information.