New Feature: Archive of Study Protocols

An archive of study protocols and schedules of activities is now available.  The archive provides a clear history of the study’s progress and serves as a resource for researchers using the PPMI database and biospecimens. 

The first study protocol for PPMI was established in April 2010.  At the time, only de novo PD participants and healthy controls were being enrolled.  Since then, PPMI has had the opportunity to expand to include SWEDD, prodromal, and genetic cohorts as well as the genetic registry.  PPMI has also added an array of assessments and ancillary studies over the years, taking advantage of the latest scientific news and technologies.  The addition resting state MRI, cognitive categorization, the physical activity questionnaire, and amyloid imaging are just some examples of this development. For more on the history of PPMI, you can also view the Study Timeline.