Archive | September, 2014

PPMI Protocol Updated

PPMI was designed to be adaptable to changing needs, targets, and opportunities in research. In reflection of this, PPMI recently updated its study protocol to include new and revised procedures and assessments. View a summary of the latest changes.

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Daytime Sleepiness and Fatigue Associated with Cognitive Impairment

A recent publication in the journal Parkinsonism and Related Disorders used PPMI data to find that more severe daytime sleepiness and fatigue are associated with greater cognitive impairment. The study's researchers used PPMI data as well as data from two other studies in order to examine this relationship across the different stages of Parkinson's.

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First Longitudinal Findings: Psychiatric Symptoms More Common in Untreated PD Patients than Controls

The first longitudinal findings from PPMI have been published. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania affiliated with PPMI published in the journal Neurology that depression, anxiety and fatigue are more common in newly diagnosed Parkinson?s disease patients compared to the general population.

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