Archive | August, 2014

Core Focus: the Genetics Coordination Core

The PPMI study cores are responsible for a wide range of study needs including analyzing, storing, and performing quality control measures on the study data and specimens, providing supplies, guidance, and support to study sites, and performance and study management. In this core spotlight, Genetics Coordination Core Principal Investigator Tatiana Foroud, PhD and her team explain their role in PPMI.

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Understanding the Genetic Widespread Recruitment Initiative

The Widespread Recruitment Initiative (WRI) is an internet-based recruitment tool that allows potential PPMI participants to be screened, consented and provided with LRRK2 testing without having to visit a PPMI site. Find out how the process works.

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Publication Associates RBD with Worse Motor Symptoms in PD

New research from Johns Hopkins University using PPMI baseline data from Parkinson's patients has found that those experiencing REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) symptoms have more severe motor symptoms than patients without RBD. The findings were published in the journal Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements.

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