PPMI Annual Meeting 2014 Summary

On May 6 and 7, PPMI held its 2014 Annual Investigators Meeting in New York, NY.  Participants included site investigators and coordinators, study and sponsor staff, industry partners, and Steering Committee, Patient Advisory Committee, and study core members representing 15 countries and about 60 companies and organizations.  The Annual Investigators Meeting is an important venue for sharing the PPMI accomplishments and findings, brainstorming, getting critical study feedback, and exploring the future path of PPMI.  Click the following links to view the meeting presentations:

PPMI Status Update

Site Enrollment and Retention Update

Data Overview

Cognitive-Behavioral Working Group

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness is Uncommon in De Novo PD

Safety of Lumbar Punctures

Imaging Core Update

Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Imaging Processing & Analysis

Resting State and T1 Standardization Projects

Biorepository Update

Bioanalytics Core 2014 Report

Genetics in PPMI

Informatics Core

Publication Policy and Plan

Standardization Initiative

Ancillary Studies and Protocol Amendments

Report from the Industry Scientific Advisory Board

Prodromal Cohort: RBD

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD)

Barcelona Group Work on Idiopathic RBD

Prodromal Cohort: Hyposmia

Genetic Coordination Center

Overview of the PPMI Widespread Recruitment Initiative

Enrolling At-Risk Subjects

Prodromal Cohort Eligible Algorithm


Longitudinal Data Analyses

Retention Update

Future Directives