Important Update Regarding PPMI CSF Data

To the PPMI community

As we have completed the baseline assessments of the PPMI PD, healthy subject and SWEDD cohort, we have continued to post quality controlled data on the PPMI website from these subjects as soon as possible. We realize that the CSF data (a-SYN, A?1-42, Tau, pTau) from these subjects is highly anticipated so we wanted to make you aware that there will be a delay in our posting the baseline CSF data. These data are undergoing additional quality control. Initial assessment of the CSF data showed a discrepancy from and increased variance in relation to the pilot PPMI data already published in JAMA neurology. Additional studies to assess pre-analytical procedures that may explain this discrepancy are underway. We are committed to making these data available to the PPMI community ASAP and will provide an update on these studies within 2 months.  If you have any questions, please direct them to


The PPMI Steering Committee