Funding Opportunity for Research in PPMI and ADNI

A new funding opportunity for research into both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s has been launched.  The Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Alzheimer?s Association and The W. Garfield Weston Foundation have launched a new grant program to inspire scientists to envision research projects that will use existing data and/or biological samples from PPMI and another large-scale biomarker study, the Alzheimer?s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI). The funding opportunity aims to build on the existing momentum to leverage similar activities and increase impact across the neurodegenerative disease spectrum. It also builds on recent evidence suggesting substantial overlap between AD, PD, and other neurodegenerative diseases pathologically, but also potentially biologically.

Funding will support initiatives including, but not limited to, those that:

? Analyze datasets to test hypotheses related to aging and neurodegenerative disorders;
? Seek to identify panels or pathways that may play a role in disease mechanisms;
? Pursue shared or disparate biochemical markers of disease risk, onset or progression;
? Assess potential commonalities across the disease spectrum, including around other neurological disorders.

All projects must use data or specimens from both PPMI and ADNI. The two-year awards will grant up to $150,000, although higher cost projects may be considered. Click here to learn more about the details of this opportunity.

Letters of intent are due March 19, 2014