New Approved Specimen Request

A request for PPMI biospecimens has recently been approved by the Biospecimen Review Committee (BRC).  Maria Teresa Pellecchia, MD, of the University of Salerno in Italy, has been approved to receive PPMI Serum samples for analysis.  Increasing evidence suggests a link between decreases in insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and cognitive dysfunction. Previous studies have also indicated that dopamine deficits in the nigrostriatal pathway, measured by neuroimaging, correlate with PD related cognitive deficits. The researchers at the University of Salerno will investigate the utility of IGF-1 levels and dopamine transporter (DaT) uptake as a biomarker for cognitive dysfunction in early PD by measuring IGF-1 in serum samples and analyzing DaT imaging data from 400 PD and 200 healthy control subjects at baseline.

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