Archive | January, 2014

New Approved Specimen Request

A request for PPMI biospecimens has recently been approved by the Biospecimen Review Committee (BRC). The researchers at the University of Salerno will investigate the utility of IGF-1 levels and dopamine transporter (DaT) uptake as a biomarker for cognitive dysfunction in early PD by measuring IGF-1 in serum samples and analyzing DaT imaging data from 400 PD and 200 healthy control subjects at baseline.

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Thank you to the PPMI participants

Many of you in the scientific community have benefited from being able to access the enormous amount of data and specimens being collected as a result of the enormous contribution of over 650 PPMI participants, who have committed to the rigorous battery of tests and assessments involved in PPMI. To recognize the enormous contribution PPMI participants are making, the PPMI team and The Michael J. Fox Foundation collected letters from the Parkinson?s community, patients, family members, caregivers and researchers, thanking them for their tremendous contribution to Parkinson?s research.

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New Feature: PPMI Biospecimen Inventory

An inventory of available biospecimens in PPMI can now be accessed on This regularly updated table reflects the number of samples that are currently available for analysis by visit and type of sample. This is a key tool for researchers looking to request specimens to be analyzed for biomarker verification studies. This inventory table now provides researchers with real-time numbers of specimens available before submitting a request.

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