Archive | December, 2013

Two new industry partners join PPMI

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Meso Scale Discovery have joined PPMI as industry partners. Industry partners are contributing to PPMI through financial and in-kind donations and are playing a lead role in providing feedback on study parameters through the Industry Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). PPMI now has 15 industry partners.

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PPMI focus on hyposmia featured in Neurology Now

Neurology Now, the magazine for patients and caregivers published by the American Academy of Neurology, featured an article profiling Michael J. Fox and the importance of participating in research. The PPMI prodromal cohort and the recruitment of individuals with hyposmia was highlighted as an exciting way for readers to get involved. In addition to providing a link to the Smell Survey, the article describes some of the science behind the link between hyposmia and Parkinson's Disease.

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