Check out the improved Publications & Presentations page

The Publications & Presentations page on the website has just been revamped.  The goal of the new design is to streamline the process by which researchers can submit a manuscript for Data & Publications Committee (DPC) review, submit a poster or presentation to be posted to the website, and browse the archive of PPMI presentations and publications.

The new “Submit a Manuscript for Review” button will direct users to login to their PPMI Database access account, where they can upload a copy of their manuscript or abstract for DPC review.  Researchers will receive a response from the committee in approximately one week

Researchers who utilize PPMI data for publications and presentations are encouraged to submit a final copy to be posted to the website.  Users can now complete an easy online submission form to automatically upload a copy of their poster or presentation to the website, and will be posted live after administrative approval.

PPMI Publications are now organized into two categories.  Primary PPMI Publications are authored by the Steering Committee, Investigators, Study Cores, and Working Groups, and this contribution is reflected as “And the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative*” written on the author line, with the asterisk referring to the complete list of names on the Authors List.  All other publications are listed as Publications Utilizing PPMI Data.