Summary of the PPMI Genetic Cohort Kick-Off Meeting

The PPMI Genetic Cohort Kick-Off Meeting took place on September 16th & 17th in New York, NY.  Site Investigators, study staff, Study Core members, and members of the Steering Committee attended the two-day meeting to discuss the launch of the new Genetic Cohort in PPMI.  The meeting covered the rationale for the new cohort, lessons learned from previous studies, and operational procedures.  Some of the presentations at the meeting included:

Study Status Update

Bioinformatics Core Update

Clinical Core Overview

Review of Non-motor assessments

Imaging Core Update

Biorepository Update

Bioanalytics Core Update

Genetics of LRRK2 & SNCA

Overview of the Genetic Cohort

Genetic Coordination Core Update

Overview of Good Clinical Practice

Safety and Monitoring Overview

Recruitment and Retention Update

Recruitment Strategies for the Genetic Cohort

LRRK2 Genetic Testing in South Florida

SNCA Cohort in Greece

LRRK2 Cohort in Norway

AJ LRRK2 Cohort in Israel

Recruitment experience in RBD Cohort

CTCC Communications, Incidents, and Notifications

Financial Overview

 Ancillary Studies Update

 Data Analysis Update

 Publication Policy & Plan

 Timeline for Genetic Cohort