PPMI PI Ken Marek interviewed on Medscape

Ken Marek, PPMI PI and Senior Scientist at the Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders, was interviewed in an online video on Medscape.com.  Dr. Marek discussed the goals of PPMI and the current state of biomarker research in PD in general.  He also discussed the recent publication on the first results from PPMI, and the overlap among neurodegenerative diseases in terms of pathology.  Describing the goal of PPMI, Dr. Marek said:

“The entire goal of this study is to help us to accelerate therapies. The general way in which we can do that is by simply having tools that can be used to objectively measure disease, but the more specific way is that many of these biomarkers will hopefully identify subsets of individuals who may be affected in different ways. For example, some individuals with Parkinson disease might have more of a synuclein problem, whereas others have more of a LRRK2 problem. Using these biomarkers to direct therapy will also be extremely valuable in making those therapeutic trials more likely to be effective.”

To watch the video or read the transcript, click here.