Summary of the PPMI 2013 Annual Meeting in New York, NY

The 2013 PPMI Annual Meeting took place on May 7th & 8th in New York, NY.  Site investigators, study staff, industry partner representatives, patient advisory committee members, Study Core members, and members of the Steering Committee gathered for a holistic overview of what has already been accomplished and what the future holds for PPMI.  Topics covered at the meeting included:

Study Status Update

Project Overview

Data Overview

Cognitive-Behavioral Working Group

Feasibility and Safety of LPs

Imaging Core Update

Resting State fMRI Update

Biorepository Core Update

Genetics Core Update

Bioanalytics Core Update

Bioinformatics Update

Ancillary Studies Committee Update

TAP-PD Update

Motor symptoms in prodromal PD

Prodromal Cohort Update

RBD Core Update

Recruitment & Retention Update

Genetic Cohort Update

LRRK2 & SNCA Initiative

The AJ Consortium Study

Alpha-synuclein mutation in Greece

Data Analysis Plan