What is in the PPMI database: Imaging data

The PPMI study is currently employing several imaging modalities to collect data on its participants.  The modalities include DaTSCAN SPECT, AV-133 PET, DTI and fMRI. To date, the following quantities of images have been collected:

Total Screening Baseline Year 1 Year 2
DaTSCAN SPECT 643 541 NC 99 3
AV-133 PET 2 2
DTI 214 NC 173 41
fMRI 241 NC 241

All imaging data that is being collected is uploaded and stored in the PPMI biorepository along with pertinent data and collection information to aid in analyses. Thus far, 269 researchers have gained access to the PPMI biorepository and are using PPMI data for research and analysis. Many of them are using the PPMI images.

Access the PPMI biorepository, including the images.

Review the collection and processing manuals for DTI, MRI and general imaging in PPMI.

See the ongoing analyses being conducted by researchers who are using the biorepository.

Check out a few of the images we have already collected:

SPECT scan of a control subject: Axial view

SPECT scan of PD subject: Axial view

AV133 image on a PD subject