Study Update Calls

Upcoming Calls

Genetic Findings from PPMI
Wednesday, September 13
12-1 pm Eastern Time

Andrew Singleton, PhD
Senior Investigator
National Institute on Aging, NIH


REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and PD
Thursday, December 7
12-1 pm Eastern Time

Lana Chahine, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
University of Pennsylvania

Listen to past study updates

Title Presenter Date Time Controls
Impact of PD on Cognition Daniel Weintraub, MD 6/28/2017 32:00
How PPMI Data is Informing Clinical Trials Ken Marek, MD 3/07/2017 24:10
Sub-types of PD Tanya Simuni, MD 12/07/2016 45:28
Longitudinal Imaging Data John Seibyl, MD 09/12/2016 53:56
Blood based biomarkers Alice Chen-Plotkin, MD 6/16/2016 41:53
Study Update & the Future of PPMI Mark Fraiser, PhD 3/11/2016 46:47
Genetics in PPMI Danna Jennings, MD and Tatiana Foroud, PhD 12/09/2015 55:08
Biospecimen Analysis Brit Mollenhauer, MD 6/10/15 29:35
Study Update & the Future of PPMI Ken Marek, MD 3/12/15 37:53
The PPMI Genetics Data: Unlocking the Code within Us Andrew Singleton, PhD 12/9/14 56:48
The PPMI Imaging Data: Developing a Better Picture of PD John Seibyl, MD 9/17/14 46:54
Cerebrospinal Fluid Research Using PPMI Data and Specimens John Trojanowski, MD, PhD and Les Shaw, PhD 5/15/14 40:24
Cognition Research Using PPMI Data Daniel Weintraub, PhD 1/21/14 43:39
General Update on New Efforts in PPMI Ken Marek, MD 9/4/13 43:35