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Regular longitudinal collection of peripheral mononuclear blood cells (PBMCs) has been integrated into the regular schedule of activities for all PPMI subjects. In addition, PPMI has also expanded to generate fibroblasts and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines from a subset of PPMI subjects. The number of available PBMCs is included in the biospecimen inventory catalog that is available through the PPMI database. A separate inventory of the PPMI cell lines is also available through the PPMI database. Unlike PPMI biospecimens, which are reserved for biomarker validation studies, PPMI PBMCs and cell lines may be used for PD biomarker discovery studies. In addition, PPMI cell lines may be used for research in other neurodegenerative disease areas.

Cell Line Inventory

PBMC Inventory

Application Process to Request PBMCs or Cell Lines

Researchers interested in requesting PBMCs or cell lines are encouraged to review the Process for Requesting PBMCs or Cell Lines. Researchers requesting PBMCs or cell lines must agree to the PBMC and Cell Lines Use Agreement as well as the Publications Policy. Click the button below to read more about the Process for Requesting PBMCs and Cell Lines and to begin the Request Process.

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Before starting the PBMC and cell line request process, click here to download the application template.

Ongoing Sample Analyses and Other Resources

A listing of preliminary analyses specified by the Steering Committee and performed by PPMI cores, as well as analyses performed by additional investigators will be listed in the Ongoing Analyses section of this site. Investigators who are granted samples from PPMI agree to update this information annually, providing the research public with a comprehensive list of the latest findings coming out of PPMI.

Researchers who are interested in reviewing the PPMI collection, processing and storage protocols for cell lines should review the cell lines manuals in the Research Documents and SOPs section of the PPMI website

Study Arm FibroblastiPSCsTotal
Cell Line Inventory
Study Arm LRRK2+GBA+SNCA+HyposmicRBDTotal
Prodromal and Genetic Cohort IPSCs
Genetic PD1415332
Genetic Unaffected2421247
Months BL 6 18 30 42 54 72 84 96
PBMC Inventory
PD - - - - 7 84 42 34 26
Control - - - - 6 23 10 10 18
SWEDD - - - - - - - - -
Prodromal - - - 36 47 23 - - -
Genetic PD 50 82 81 70 51 36 - - -
Genetic Unaffected 78 182 132 94 38 10 - - -