Study Timeline

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February 2015: PPMI has now received 50 requests for biospecimens

March 2015: Launch of the expansion of the genetic cohort to study individuals with a GBA mutation

March 2015Enrollment of prodromal cohort completed


January 2014: First subjects enrolled in the PPMI genetic cohort and in the PPMI genetic registry

February 2014: Launch of the genetic cohort and registry to investigate the link between LRRK2 and SNCA genetic mutations and Parkinson’s

2014: PPMI expands to Israel, New York City, and France


February 2013: Launch of prodromal cohort to investigate risk factors of PD: hypsomia, REM behavior sleep disorder (RBD), and the presence of a LRRK2 genetic mutation

April 2013: Enrollment of de novo PD, control, and SWEDD cohorts completed

July 2013: First subject enrolled in the Prodromal Cohort of PPMI

September 2013: PPMI Genetics Cohort Kick-Off meeting held in New York, NY

September 2013: First PPMI Study Update Call for participants

November 2013: Reached 100,000 downloads of the PPMI data

2013: PPMI expands to Greece, Spain, and Norway


January 2012: 300 of the 600 subjects needed for PPMI are actively enrolled in the study

March 2012: PPMI expands to a third continent—Australia. One site is selected to participate in the study

Spring 2012: PPMI Steering Committee begins discussion of the addition of a new Pre-Motor PD cohort

Fall 2012: PPMI Steering Committee begins planning for the addition of a pre-motor cohort to the study


March 2011: access to study data and specimens becomes available coinciding with 50 subjects having completed baseline visits

August 2011: : PPMI adds a third cohort: Subjects with SWEDD (Scans without Evidence of Dopamanergic Deficit)

September 2011: First Study Update Dinner for PPMI participants held in New Haven, Connecticut.

December 2011: First PPMI primary publication is published


January 2010: Steering Committee meeting to finalize Protocol and discuss data flow and SOPs

March 2010: Investigators Meeting brings together members of the steering committee, study cores, clinical sites and MJFF; study protocols, tests and assessment details, recruitment and retention plans and outcomes are discussed

April 2010: First PPMI protocol goes into effect

June 2010: PPMI recruitment begins; first PPMI subject is enrolled


June 2009: Protocol Task force is appointed; begins to define study design

August 2009: Steering Committee is formed

September 2009: Study Cores are selected

October 2009: Workshop to further refine core selection, define site selection process and set a timeline for study design and launch; verification study is conducted


May 2008: Workshop to define study objectives, criteria for site selection and other study parameters


February 2007: The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) Scientific Advisory Board holds a formal discussion on the need for a concerted biomarker effort

June 2007: Workshop to explore feasibility, required  scientific expertise and MJFF’s role in a large-scale biomarkers study

October 2007: Workshop to further define the scientific cores that would be needed to support a large scale biomarkers study


MJFF sponsored three biomarker RFA’s and supported applications exploring clinical, imaging and biochemical biomarkers that would be useful in clinical trials