Funding for use of DATATOP samples for biomarker research

The Michael J. Fox Foundation in collaboration with the Parkinson?s Study Group (PSG) recently launched a Request for Applications called “Utilizing DATATOP Biospecimens 2011.”  This program provides a mechanism of support for utilizing the biologic specimens from the DATATOP clinical trial for discovery and validation of novel biomarker research.

The DATATOP (Deprenyl And Tocopherol Antioxidative Therapy OParkinsonism) trial was designed to test two novel therapies and was conducted by the PSG in the late 1980s. Participants provided serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and DNA to be banked for subsequent analyses. To date, the majority of analyses using this sample set and corresponding clinical data were focused on testing drug efficacy.

The DATATOP data and samples are now being made available as a complement to the PPMI repository, which is limited to later-stage verification research. Investigators are encouraged to apply to this RFA for earlier stage, discovery and preliminary verification research. It is hoped that some projects that use the DATATOP samples will lead to promising results that are ready for verification and can be further tested on PPMI samples.

Applications to this program are due May 25, 2011.